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Kind Attention: Students of Std. XI (2023-24)

Kindly check the result of the COHSEM Class XI Exam 2024 in the "View Result" section of the school website.

Readmission will commence from 10-Apr-2024 (Wednesday) between 09:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

-The Management

COHSEM Practical Exam 2024,

Kind Attention: Students of Std. XI and XII (2023-24)

COHSEM Practical Exam 2024 for Class XI and XII is scheduled to be held from 01-04-2024 (Monday) to 06-04-2024 (Saturday).

-The Management

I-Card Distribution
Kind Attention: Parents / Guardians,

I-Card for the New Academic Session 2024-25 will be distributed on 15-Feb-2024 (Thursday) at the School Campus-1, Uripok Bachaspati Leikai, Imphal.

Kindly Come according to the schedule given below to avoid congestion.

  • Play Group / Nursery / LKG / UKG :
    Timing (09:00 AM - 10:00 AM)
  • I / II / III / IV :
    Timing (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM)
  • V / VI / VII :
    Timing (12:30 PM - 01:30 PM)
  • VIII / IX / X :
    Timing (02:00 PM - 03:00 PM)
  • -The Management

    The School reopening schedule8
    Kind Attention: Parents / Guardians,

    The School reopening schedule of the new Academic session 2024-25 below.

    Standard (Play Group to V)

  • Date/ Day: 16-02-2024 (Friday)
  • School Timing: 09:00 AM â€" 01:15 PM
  • Reporting Time: 08:40 AM
  • Venue: Campus 2, Naorremthong Khulem Leikai
  • Standard (VI to X)

  • Date/ Day: 17-02-2024 (Saturday)
  • School Timing: 08:00 AM â€" 02:15 PM
  • Reporting Time: 07:40 AM
  • Venue: Campus 1, Uripok Bachaaspati Leikai
  • -The Management

    Kind Attention: Parents/Guardians/Students of Std. XII 2023-24
    Greetings from all of us at Heritage Convent.

    The Admit Card (HSE 2024) distribution cum farewell program will be held on 10-02-2024 (Saturday) starting from 09:30 AM onwards at the school auditorium, Campus 1, Uripok. Students must attend the program in school uniform. Reporting time is 09:30 AM sharp, after which, no students will be allowed to attend the program. Interested students may perform on stage to enrich the overall program's experience. The program will be followed by lunch.

    Kindly pay the tuition fees if there are any payable dues to avoid inconvenience.

    -The Management

    Kind Attention: Parents/ Guardians/ Students
    • The New admission will be done offline from 19-Jan-2024 (Friday) onwards at School Campus 1, Uripok between 09:00 AM and 02:00 PM.
    • The Result of the Annual Examination 2023-24 will be out on 31-Jan-2024 (Wednesday).
    • Students can view the result and download the report card / mark statement by logging into the “View Result” section of the school website “”
    • The readmission for the new academic session 2024-25 will start from 01-Feb-2024 (Thursday) to 10-Feb-2024 (Saturday).
    • Readmission will be done online through the school website using the HUID and Password. Parents/students can do the readmission conveniently from home without physically visiting the School Campus.
    • The Result of the Annual Examination 2023-24 will be out on 31-Jan-2024 (Wednesday).

    -The Management

    About Us

    Welcome to Heritage Convent.

    A progressive co-educational English medium school, Heritage is dedicated to providing an enriching, engaging and wholistic education to students. Established in 2002, Heritage is one of the finest schools in Manipur with a strong intellectual heartbeat and laser focus on excellence. As a pioneer in many fields – from non-traditional section names, our beloved ‘easy-dress’ uniform, grand prizes for our HSLC superstars, to partnering with one of India’s leading preschool chains, "Wow Kids" – Heritage is always looking to push the boundaries when it comes to nurturing talents for tomorrow.

    Run-on public school lines, Heritage is a private English-medium school that welcomes boys and girls belonging to any community, aged 2 to 17. It is a centre for providing education of the highest quality, with a staunch commitment towards promoting holistic development of a child. Heritage aims to draw out the very best in every single student and help them reach their full potential by developing and assessing their ability, creativity and inclination.

    Heritage endeavours to provide a climate for a wholesome, well-rounded and integrated upbringing of every child. At the same time, the school also looks to support the students grow, evolve and prepare for higher education at the university/professional/technical levels so that each one of them becomes a responsible citizen, who is accountable for their own actions, conduct and thinking. Heritage provides an environment that helps develop the individual personality of each student and to inculcate in them an awareness of our rich cultural heritage.


    Hello, warm wishes and a very happy new year!

    2020 was a defining year for schools all over the world. For many, months of schools remaining shut meant loss of valuable social time and learning. But, not for us at Heritage. We at Heritage saw the pandemic as a source for innovation and we adapted accordingly – our classes went online as early as May 2020.

    All of us at Heritage quickly adapted to the online learning environment to ensure our students did not miss out on valuable learning time. A child’s mind is one of god’s most wonderful creations and to nurture, nourish and develop it in the right way is one of the most sensitive and rewarding task one can undertake and we didn’t let the Pandemic come in the way of achieving just that.

    Heritage is more than just a school. We, at Heritage, dedicate ourselves to do our best for the complete development of a child: in mind, body and spirit.

    On that note, we hope to welcome all our students back to school very soon.

    With warm regards,

    S. Amita Singh
    M. Phil ( Social systems)
    J.N.U . New Delhi

    Be Flexible
    Do More


    A very warm welcome to Heritage!

    I believe that in order to excel and to improve the quality of education on a consistent basis, it is required that we seek, pursue and adopt innovative methods and ideas. Hence, we at Heritage are constantly challenging convention and finding better, newer ways of learning and imparting knowledge. Last year, Heritage classes went online and this year too, we have various online facilities in the pipeline.

    Heritage’s success lies in the accomplishments of its students. And we at Heritage are constantly striving to set a new benchmark in teaching standards and the quality of education imparted on all levels. The excellent teaching standards at Heritage spur us to pursue relentless excellence and year after year, we revel in the sweet success of our HSLC Superstar rank holders and the overall performance of the students.

    On that note, I am eager to welcome all our students, teachers, members of the staff, and well-wishers back to school and wish them success.

    With warm regards,

    S. Vikramjit Singh
    Executive Director
    M.Phil (School Education )
    J.N.U.New Delhi


    Be Flexible


    Always challenging convention and finding better, newer ways of learning, growing and developing.

    Be Flexible


    Always embracing inquisitiveness, awareness and adopting constant change as a way of life.

    Be Flexible


    Always striving for success and paving the path for passion and ambition.

    Be Flexible
    The Mission of Heritage is to develop and nurture exceptional talents to become wise and disciplined leaders of tomorrow with futuristic outlooks and an unyielding commitment to success.
    Be Flexible
    he Vision of Heritage is to be a premier educational institute, renowned for creating a generation of tomorrow’s leaders, whose vision it is to "think global and act local."
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    We are proud to introduce our new preschool section – WOW KIDS Heritage.

    Heritage is now trying up with a world class preschool chain, WOW KIDS, which has a pan India presence and was co-founded by Mrs Preeti Tyagi and Mr Atul Tyagi in 2013. Developed with the idea of running an educational system that is purely child-centered, WOW KIDS ensures holistic learning through play-way and research-based methods.

    With the introduction of WOW KIDS, Heritage aims to redefine prenursery schooling. The WOW KIDS curriculum is based on experiential learning and geared towards the building of virtues and potentials in children. Students will now have the WOW KIDS Heritage edge, going into higher classes, as they are encouraged to interact and cooperate with one another in their learning process, develop leadership skills and adopt problem-solving as a method of learning.


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    Standard IX and X Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM)

    Compulsory Subjects:

    • English
    • MIL/ Additional English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Science

    Optional Subjects (Any one from the following)

    • Higher Mathematics
    • Computer Science
    • Thang Ta
    • Manipuri Jagoi
    • Eshei Nongmai
    • Fine Arts
    • Home Science

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    Standard XI and XII Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM)

    Compulsory Subjects:

    • English
    • MIL/ Alternative English

    Optional Subjects (Any one from the following)

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Biology
    • Thang Ta
    • Computer Science
    • Human Ecology and Family Science
      (Home Science)

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